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Create A COVID-SAFE Business Recovery Mindset

Create a COVID-SAFE Business Recovery Mindset

Want to hit the ground running with your COVID-19 Business Recovery? Before you jump right in, let’s just pause. Let’s focus on prepping yourself and your team mentally for the days, weeks, months… and possibly years ahead. Going forward, the correct (and only) mindset will be “Safety First” – both by necessity and by law. Everything else is a distant second.

1. Speak the truth

Your team is already being bombarded by bad news, old news, fake news, opinion, rumour, gossip, scaremongering, and conspiracy theories. Amidst all this, you must remain the voice of calm, of reason, of fact, of authority, and of vision.

So stay up-to-date. Check your facts and your sources. Only share the best, latest, and most reliable information. Frame this information as it applies to your team, their work, and their futures.

Also, take the time to listen to what issues, uncertainties, and fears they have. A collegiate and consultative approach to these matters will go a long way towards alleviating anxiety in the team.

2. Keep it clean

By now, we should all know the basics of handwashing, disinfecting, distancing, yada-yada-yada, right? It’s a mistake, however, to assume that everyone is doing everything properly, thoroughly, diligently, or frequently enough.

Make sure your entire team, top-to-bottom, left-to-right knows how to comply with proper hygiene practices. And lead by example.

Consider assigning a “prevention team” or a “disinfection officer” to take on the task of teaching and encouraging correct procedure amongst their colleagues. Have them hang up posters, signs, and other visual cues around the workplace – especially in bathrooms and eating areas.

3. Play the detective

With your “prevention team” (or person), closely inspect your work environment. Look for previously overlooked areas of potential risk. Then propose a plan to mitigate those risks. Every action item on your list will require time and resources (people, products, equipment), so be prepared.

Review your existing policies and practices – of course, your WH&S ones – but other ones as well, including HR. They might not have seemed so flexible before the virus. But now – how can they be flexed, tweaked, tightened, or relaxed to meet the new reality?

Start sleuthing! You won’t find – or fix – breakdowns unless you get out that magnifying glass.

4. Stay on your toes

You’re operating in a very fluid state right now. Constant change is the new normal. Those new policies and procedures you just drafted? Half of them could be out of date by lunchtime tomorrow.

Continually review the situation. Assess and then reassess how well your recovery plans and policies are working.

Accept that compliance will be an issue – not just internally, but up and down your supply chain, and from government as well.

Fast-breaking news, changing requirements, or revised government regulations won’t come looking for you – you will need to hunt them down. Be vigilant.

5. Plan ahead

Obviously no one – not even the experts – knows what lies ahead. And no one is expecting you too either.

However, you should be brainstorming those “what if?” scenarios with peers, colleagues, associates, partners, and mentors.

Look around you. How would you respond if one of your most vital team members were to be infected?

How about if the government unexpectedly shut your doors? Or one of your supplier’s or distributor’s doors?

Do you have a business continuity plan? This is a very powerful tool for framing your response to an array of hypotheticals. It means you won’t get caught wondering.

You can’t just think ahead. You need to plan ahead.

Want to know more? We’ve created a special white paper, “Your Road to Business Recovery with a COVID-SAFE Plan.” It’s free for a limited time, so click here to get your copy today.

Your Road to Business Recovery with a COVID-Safe Plan

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