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Fire Safety & Emergency Planning Compliance
Software Platform for Australia Standards


Be Firesafe

The Firesafe Record Management System is a full-spec, web-based software platform empowering Facilities Managers to confidently manage and oversee emergency planning compliance.

Developed by an experienced team of Australian emergency planning consultants and software engineers, the Firesafe is rapidly changing the way Facility Managers and responsible parties meet their fire safety obligations and legal requirements.

Key Features

  • Secure Cloud based Record Management System. Access records and plan with your mobile devices;
  • User friendly scheduled maintenance solution;
  • Online registers for the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC), Emergency Control Organisation (ECO), First Aiders and Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP’s);
  • Compiling and publishing Emergency Management Plans specific to the client’s facility;
  • Fire Safety & Emergency Response Equipment and Asset Register;
  • Oversee compliance to Australian and International Standards;
  • Facilitating and tracking the process of face-to-face training;
  • Hosting e-learning courses;
  • Easy compliance oversight with just a mouse click;

and more…

Fire Safety & Emergency Response Support Services

As a specialist Fire & Rescue / Emergency Response Service provider, CPA Group Fire Safety experts can assist your organisation with a number of support services to establish fire safety compliance and emergency response preparedness. Once compliance is achieved the platform will assist you to maintain your status.

Fire Safety Compliance Audits –

Our team of highly qualified Fire Safety professionals can assess your current Fire Safety compliance status with a full site audit.

An extensive detailed report will be provided highlighting any compliance issues, recommended corrective actions and level of priority.

Should your organisation require a review or upgrade of and Fire Safety related compliance documentation our consultants are here to assist.

For more information on how Firesafe can help you to stay on top of fire safety compliance,
Please contact us!