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Technology Solutions

We provide cutting edge Security Technology

• Thermal camera solutions for COVID-19 temperature screening
• CCTV systems
• Access control systems
• Supply of specialist medical and rescue equipment
• Drug and alcohol testing devices
• Bollard solutions
• GPS asset and personnel tracking system and more

Smart Thermal Temperature Screening Solutions

Since the global COVID-19 outbreak, iSafe SMS has already implemented a range of effective temperature screening solutions for a broad cross-section of businesses and budgets.

Every organisation has its own unique screening needs. Thankfully, there’s a range of effective screening products available, each with its own distinct advantages. With the help of the experts at iSafe SMS, you can configure and install a solution to meet your specific requirements and your budget.

iSafe SMS will assist by completing a full audit of your site (or sites), interviewing key staff, assessing your processes and systems, and designing a custom solution – to give you, your team, your partners, and your customers the confidence and peace of mind to focus on business recovery and continuity.

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    Economy Model

    Economy Model

    Ideal for small businesses needing to screen less than 600 people per hour. It’s small, easy to set up, very powerful, and accurate.

    Versatile: Rapidly records temperatures, with a stable and reliable facial recognition algorithm. Operates within a 0.4-0.7m range.

    Accurate: Records temperatures to within 0.3°C.

    Fast: Returns temperature readings in just 3 seconds. Recognises faces within 0.3 seconds. Works with hats, face masks, or sunglasses. Reads even in low light.

    Simple: Comes pre-calibrated, so it’s plug-and-play. Detects abnormal body temperatures and issues a voice alarm through built-in speakers. Works easily with other health management platforms. Supports HTTP protocol, rapid development, and integration.

    Compact: High definition 8-inch LCD colour screen. Less than 1kg and just 215x125x20mm, it can be handheld, wall-mounted, or placed on a table/bench/counter with its own stylish stand. Ideal for office or retail spaces.

    Commercial Model

    Ideal for organisations needing greater speed and accuracy. Capable of screening up to 900 people per hour.

    Hard working: Rapidly records temperatures, with a reliable face recognition for up to 50,000 people. Operates within a 0.3-2m range.

    Accurate: Records temperatures to within 0.5°C.

    Faster: Reads body temperatures in just 2 seconds. Recognises faces within 0.2 seconds. Works with hats, face masks, or sunglasses and can trigger alerts for persons not wearing face masks.

    Access control: Interfaces with a range of security and access controls, including Wiegand, making it ideal for gate/turnstile usage. Can also incorporate a fingerprint recognition add-on.

    Robust: High definition 7-inch touchscreen. At less than 1kg and just 290x126x35mm, it can be wall, bench, or turnstile mounted. Suitable for outdoor use in shaded, windless locations, it’s ideal for office buildings, work sites, factories, stations, schools, and campuses.

    Thermal camera

    Enterprise Model

    For organisations needing the ultimate in speed, power, and accuracy, this unit can screen over 10,000 people per hour.

    Hardest working: Rapidly records temperatures, with reliable face recognition for up to 100,000 people. Operates up to 3 metres.

    Most accurate: Measures body temperatures to within 0.2°C (with blackbody unit).

    Fastest: Processes 24 individual body temperatures per second. Recognises faces within 0.2 seconds. Penetrates hats, face masks, sunglasses, even motorcycle helmets.

    Modular: Add a blackbody calibration device (below left) to maintain a constant temperature reference point and a 16-channel network video recorder (bottom right) for continuous, contactless, non-invasive monitoring.

    Robust: The camera unit can be wall, ceiling, pole, bench, or tripod mounted. Ideal for commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, shopping centres, airports, train/bus stations, events, and large public spaces.

    Be Firesafe

    Firesafe – managed Emergency preparedness

    The Firesafe Record Management System is a full-spec, web-based software platform empowering Facilities Managers to confidently manage and oversee emergency planning compliance.

    Developed by an experienced team of Australian emergency planning consultants and software engineers…


    Cutting-edge, vehicle & machinery monitoring

    • Real-Time GPS telematics monitoring; 
    • Remotely access the on-board data from the asset (vehicle, machine, equipment); 
    • Detect harsh acceleration, braking, turn and high revolution; 
    • Driving behavior recording and analysis; 
    • Record of Illegal start-up, impact and rollover alarm; 
    • Auto sleep mode to save automotive power; 
    • Wide working temperature range (from -30 to +75 C); 
    • Monitored via the Fleet Vehicle Monitoring System;

    We have partnered with an Australian

    not for profit company, which focuses on delivering innovative community-based technology solutions in the child protection, domestic violence, family support and lone worker industries.

    They create safety plans tailored to each individual based on extensive knowledge of the risks inherent in the child protection and domestic violence sectors and use new technology to ‘activate’ these plans, providing real-time support at the touch of a button.

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