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We cover all aspects in MARITIME SECURITY.

Security Risk Assessment & Review

  • Evaluation of the current security threat environment applicable to the area;
  • Appraisal and evolution of identified risk events for relevant to the Port or Port Facility operations;
  • Review of the Port or Port Facility Risk Assessment;
  • Evaluate against the Maritime Risk Context Statement.

Maritime Security Plan (MSP)

  • Conduct Security Risk Assessments;
  • Development of Maritime Transport & Offshore Facilities Security Act and Regulation (MTOFSA/R) compliant MSP;
  • Aviation and Maritime Security Division (AMS) submission and approval.

Internal & External MSP Audit

Delivery of an external audit report on the Maritime Security Plan including:

  • Compliance with Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security;
  • Act and Regulations;
  • Compliance with your MSP;
  • Compliance with updated Office of AMS Guidance papers.

iSafe has worked in over 70% of all Australia’s critical
infrastructure ports

Port Facility Security Exercise

Delivery of a desktop and/or live exercises:

  • Meet ISPS Code, MTOFSA/R Compliance;
  • MSP requirements and compliance;
  • We will provide you tools to test communication, coordination, resource availability and response.

Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) Training

Two day course contextualised to the Facility Port:

  • Meeting the requirements of (MTOFSA/R);
  • PFSO roles and responsibilities;
  • Understanding the concept of the ISPS Code;
  • Developing & implementing Security Risk Assessments and MSP;
  • Maintaining your MSP including Internal & External Audits;
  • Responding to Maritime Transport Security Incidents and Events;
  • Maintenance & Compliance of your MSP.
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Refresher PFSO Training

Available for participants who have completed the full 2 day PFSO course and would like to refresh their knowledge.

  • Update on regulations and security risk developments;
  • Recommended every 2 years;
  • Free MSP review.
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Maritime Security Guards

Corporate Protection Australia Group provide professional Maritime Security Guards (MSGs) and Coxswains who have not only undertaken theory based but real-life training specific to the maritime and critical infrastructure industries.

Please visit the CPA Group website for more information.