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12May 20
Create A COVID-SAFE Business Recovery Mindset

Create a COVID-SAFE Business Recovery Mindset

Want to hit the ground running with your COVID-19 Business Recovery? Before you jump right in, let’s just pause. Let’s focus on prepping yourself and your team mentally for the days, weeks, months… and possibly years ahead. Going forward, the…

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Featured Content:

Business Recovery White Paper

We’ve put a special white paper together for you and your team: “Your Path to Business Recovery with a COVID SAFE Plan”.

Inside, you’ll find useful insights to help you successfully plan, navigate, manage, and prevail along your own path to business recovery. We cover a range of essential topics to assist you in drafting your recovery blueprint:

  • The Recovery Mindset
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Communications
  • Training
  • Essential equipment
  • Safety management
  • Mental health
  • Quality assurance

Our goal is to ensure you stay ahead of the curve and can deal promptly and effectively with any new incident, outbreak, or change in the regulatory environment.

We’ve based it on our experience over three decades advising companies large and small how to manage risks, disasters, and recoveries – both domestically and internationally. This includes our “front line” learnings from managing the SARS, H1N1, Swine ‘flu, and Ebola epidemics.