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Stay COVID-19 safe

ISafe SMS provides a range of COVID-19 Solutions

• Development of COVID SAFE plans;

• Development and implementation of Covid-19 Screening packages;

• Building and exercising of Business Continuity, Pandemic Response and Plans;

• Advisory on Global Health Threats, combative procedures, tailored personal protective equipment;

• Building Crisis Response Teams and tailored Training;

• Exercising Crisis and Emergency Response;

• Crisis Communication Packages;

• Risk Assessment, Mitigation and securing Business Supply Chains;

• Governance and Compliance of COVID SAFE plans, Training, Social Distancing, Sanitation, Signage and Zoning concepts;

Recovery strategies and implementation of procedures for workplace recovery, COVID Controls Government recovery Directions and other tailored procedures and methods;

• COVID-19 Safety Audits;

Smart Thermal Temperature Screening Solutions.

Providing the guidance that you need

For iSafe and our clients, timely and correct guidance is paramount.

We are working closely with the Government and industry to ensure our Advice and Measures are tailored and usable for each sector.

The ADVISOR COVID-19 Newsletter
Contact Tracing Easy


No more paperwork. No more hassles for your customers. No more late-night data entry. Corona Contact Tracing Solutions (CCTS) does it all – just scan, type, and submit. CCTS is a secure cloud-based solution custom-made for restaurants, cafe’s, pubs, real estate, hairdressers/barber shops, places of worship, and massage therapists, to help you meet the Contact Tracing requirements of the Australian Government. CTS is powered by iSafe SMS.

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Contact Tracing EASY

• Create your own unique QR-code to print and display anywhere on your premises – windows, walls, counters
• You can even add your own logo

• A simple form is displayed
• Customers simply enter the required contact details
• No more messy paperwork

• Secure cloud-based storage of contact tracing data for 56 days
• Access the data any time via email
• All customer data is confidential, secure, and date & time stamped for efficient contact tracing


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