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Global Lighthouse Certification Program

Risk Management Solutions

  • NEW: COVID-19 Safety Audits
  • Vulnerability Risk Assessments
  • Physical Security Surveys
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Security Expert Witness
  • Due Diligence of Security Providers
  • Security Compliance Checks / Audits
  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures
  • Highly specialised in Covert Security Audits in Hotels
  • Penetration Tests
  • Hotel Security Certification
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • K9 Detection Services

People Development

  • Security Screening Coaching – Coaching security officers in how to operate screening equipment (X-ray machine, WTMD, HHMD, ETD’s) in an environment, identifying prohibited items, and executing best practice screening protocol’s.
  • Advanced hotel security training for Duty Managers.
  • Qualifying security auditors for the Global Lighthouse Certification Program
  • Online Hotel Security Awareness Training
  • Security Self Audit Course

Hotel Security Design

  • Key Stone – Identifying Risks
  • Building Security Architecture – Consulting to Hotel Developers and Architects
  • Independent Audit – Security Inspections prior hotel opening
  • Fine Tuning – Security system configurations to hotel specific and risk mitigating needs

The Sky Touch Partnership

The Program

The Global Lighthouse Certification Program identifies the level of safety and security of a hotel through an extensive security audit. It provides our clients with a mechanism to reduce security risks at an affordable cost.

We have selected 125 Global Hotel Security Standards against which to audit a hotel. Most of these standards are already known as best practice in the leading hotels around the world. We summarise 13 areas in a comprehensive cross audit report. Hotels that successfully pass the audit receive an accreditation certificate.

Our security solution places a clear focus on the duty of care feature.  It is divided into two sections; duty of care for travellers and duty of care for hotel employees. The cross audit report from Sky Touch Global will bring critical points to the attention of the hotel management.  Based on this expert analysis we can assist our customers to work out an action plan to improve security, customer safety satisfaction, reduce risks and avoid business disruption.

“We certify according to your needs”


The program is designed to reduce risks. It also helps hotel management target their market by using recognised professional security standards.  Using this security certification as a marketing tool can positively benefit a hotel’s bottom line.

Hotels gain an advantage by choosing a proactive position and showing their customers that they are providing world class hotel security standards. When the hotel becomes a certified safe haven, Travel and Risk Managers will be quick to give it preferred status.


Corporations in many countries such as in Germany and the United States are very concerned about losing their best people to their competitors. This is a cross-border issue. Corporations are discovering and using the issue of travel safety and security in job offers to lure people to come and work for them. In addition, corporations have a duty of care to their staff.  This includes when staff travel oversees for work and stay in a hotel.  Certifying your hotel in security will demonstrate to corporations that global security standards are in place and support their strategic risk management strategies.


  • Provides a unique selling proposition in the market
  • Provide a safer environment for your guests and staff
  • Regular security audits through an independent partner satisfies investors and builds trust
  • The Security Framework caters for a security management initiative and guest satisfaction in the hotel
  • The program is based on international customer expectations. It detects and mitigates potential hazards for guests and staff ahead of time
  • Increase the value of your brand by targeting your market using security certification
  • In the long run the certification has the potential to save you costs
  • The focus on risk mitigation for hotel guests may also benefit your insurer. Less risks for your hotel also means less risks for the insurer. Talk to your Risk Adviser to revaluate your insurance premium.


The scoring system is divided into 4 levels of security depending on the performance.

To achieve the Global Lighthouse Security Certification, 98% from 2000 mandatory points must be achieved at the time of the Global Lighthouse Audit
To achieve the Global Lighthouse Security Certification with an additional “Outstanding in Security” recognition, a minimum of 65% from 407 discretionary points must be achieved at the time of the Global Lighthouse Audit
Hotels that achieve a minimum of 85% from the 407 discretionary points receive the recognition “Exceptional in Hotel Security”
Hotels that achieve 100% in the 2000 mandatory and 407 discretionary points receive the recognition “100% in Hotel Security”


The Global Lighthouse Audit is a comprehensive security audit in 13 areas of the hotel:

  • Safety and security in the hotel room
  • Protection of guest property
  • Identity protection
  • Security and incident management
  • Emergency responses
  • Access and key management
  • Perimeter security
  • Hazard material handling
  • Night time safety and security
  • Personnel screening – background checks
  • Staff competence in health, safety and security
  • Safety and security arrangements for hotel staff
  • Precautionary measures for loss of competitive advantage


The Global Lighthouse Certification Program is now also available for Small Hotels. The criteria are tailored to hotel operations with 65 or less hotel rooms. In Small Hotels we audit only 95 out of 125 Global Standards. This helps this hotel segment to be more competitive and secure at an affordable cost.

Whether your hotel is a small boutique hotel in Nigeria or a privately owned hotel in United Kingdom, safety and security is nowadays paramount. With the increase of hotel properties worldwide, hotels have the opportunity to achieve a competitive advantage with the program


The Global Lighthouse Certification Program audits security status on one particular day and analyses mechanisms that prove the hotel is managing safety and security in a sustainable way and can adjust to changes in security requirements.

Supplemental security certifications are available for airline crews, guests with a disability, ski resorts, high profile conferences, diplomats and elite athletes such as world champion soccer league players – all have different safety and security needs. Supplemental audits can be added according to the requirement on site.

Sky Touch does not warrant that the hotel will:
(a) Experience a reduction in the number or degree of severity of security incidents; or
(b) Not experience an increase in the number or degree of severity of security incidents.
Sky Touch will not be liable for any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) which may be suffered or incurred or which may arise directly or indirectly to goods recommended to you by Sky Touch and supplied by a third party.

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Independent certification authority
Sky Touch Global Hotel Security Consulting Pty. Ltd.

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One Team

Sky Touch Global is an independent global security consulting company based in Australia, which specialises and focuses on risk management for the hotel industry providing Risk Assessment, Audit, Training and Certification to hotels. The Global Lighthouse Certification program is based on global security standards recognised as best practice by the industry.

The Sky Touch management has its origin in the international hospitality industry and the maritime security sector. The company manifests itself through professional, individual customer service and years of experience with hotels around the world.

iSafe Safety Management Systems (iSafe), is Australia’s foremost security consulting company. It is a part of the CPA group, which covers a wide range of areas, including Safety, Security, Risk Management, Training, Project Management, Compliance and Auditing.
The iSAFE team are highly qualified customer focused professionals who deliver an affordable, compliant and effective service to clients throughout Australasia.

iSafe is the market leader in providing Maritime Security Plans and PFSO (Port Facility Security Officer) training.

Consultation and collaboration with clients, industry professionals and stakeholders are fundamental to iSAFE performance. Our philosophy maximises outcomes for our clients.